Redneck You might be a redneck if you have ever mowed the lawn and found a car. We have all heard this famous phrase, along with many more, from the comedian Jeff Foxworthy. But what does being a redneck really mean? Many southern people have been stereotyped as rednecks because of their accents, slang and lack of formal communication ability. But it takes more than just the way a person talks to make them a redneck, like attitude and appearance. The term “redneck” began being widely used after the hippie era when men started cutting there long hair short enough to burn their necks.A white member of the southern rural laboring class is how a knowledgeable person has officially defined “redneck”. Yes, they are from rural areas and are from a working class of people, though it does take more than language and accent to classify someone as a redneck. A redneck will wear shorts and boots for the comfort not because it is a fashion statement. It’s someone that would rather go mudding or four wheeling on a weekend, rather than going for a dinner and a movie.

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